How to setup Eggplant Functional Studio with RLM License Manager and TightVNC on Windows

Heya! Quick note on how to setup and install Eggplant Studio on Windows

What you need:

  1. Eggplant Functional installer
  2. Eggplant license file
  3. RLM installer 
  4. TightVNC remote desktop server

Step 1: Install Eggplant Functional

This one's pretty straightforward, just launch the installer and follow the next steps on there.

Step 2: Download your license file

If you don't have the license file you can download it from your Greenhouse account here

Download the key and you'll get a .lic file

Step 3: Setup RLM license manager

Extract the contents of your RLM download (it will be a zipped file)

Copy RLM_Server_Win to C:\Program Files

Paste your license file inside RLM_Server_Win

Run RLM as a service
  • Open CLI as Admin
  • Navigate to Program Files\RLM_Server_Win folder
     cd C:\Program Files\RLM_Server_Win
  • Run the following command
    rlm -install_service -dlog <server.log>

At this point, RLM service would've been created but it's still stopped.
To start the service: Open Task Manager >> Services tab >> Look for RLM and start it

Now that it's running, check by launching Eggplant Functional
It shouldn't ask for a license anymore

Step 4: Setup SUT

Install TightVNC on the machine/s you want to remotely control using Eggplant

Go back to Eggplant functional, create a new connection and test it out