How to Setup IIS and PHP on Windows 10 Desktop

Basically I followed this step-by-step from Microsoft, but for my own sake I'm writing my own so it's easier to find.

Setup IIS from Windows Control Panel

  • Open Control Panel >> Programs >> Turn Windows features on or off
  • Select Internet Information Services >> Expand and check CGI under World Wide Web Services -- Application Development Features

  • Test by opening http://localhost/ on your browser

Download and Install PHP

  • Extract PHP zip files to C:\PHP
  • Extract WinCache zip files to C:\PHP\ext
  • Open Control Panel >> System and Security >> System >> Advanced System Settings
  • On System Properties >> Go to Advanced tab and add a C:\PHP System Variable under Environment Variables

  • Open IIS Manager >> Select your machine under connections >> Open Handler Mappings

  • Add Module Mapping with the following details:
    • Request path: *.php
    • Module: FastCgiModule
    • Executable: C:\PHP\php-cgi.exe (location of php-cgi.exe within your PHP folder)

  • Add Default Document by going to Default Document >> Add >> add default.php and index.php

  • Create a PHP Info page to test
    • Create a phpinfo.php file on Notepad++ (run as Admin) with the following code: 
      <?php phpinfo(); ?>  
      ... and save inside C:\inetpub\wwwroot\

  • Open http://localhost/phpinfo.php on your browser and you should see this page

End. :)

Hope this helps.