[UIPath] Error: Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted

If you encounter this error on UIPath saying "Programmatic access to Visual Basic Project is not trusted", it could mean that your MS Excel's Macro Trust Settings is disabled.

By default, Excel blocks any programmatic access to the application unless the user permits it. You may be invoking an external VBA macro file in your UIPath workflow that's causing this error. To enable trust settings, simply do the following:

  1. Open a blank workbook on MS Excel
  2. Got to File >> Options
  3. Click on Trust Center >> Trust Center Settings

  4. Click on Macro Settings >> Check ‘Trust Access to the VBA project object model’ (under Developer Macro Settings)

  5. Click OK to exit Trust Center window >> Then Click OK again to exit Excel Options window
Let me know if it worked! :)